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Scenes Featuring Chris Strokes

Double Dose Of Trouble

  • Added: 6th Feb 2014
  • Video Duration: 34:53
  • # of Photos: 193
  • Rating: 85.2%


Chris Strokes gets a double dose of trouble with Jenna Justine and Sami St Clair for 2 Girls 1 Camera!

Starring: Sami St Clair, Jenna Justine, Chris Strokes

Ass With Its' Own Zip Code

  • Added: 17th Jan 2014
  • Video Duration: 35:16
  • # of Photos: 525
  • Rating: 98.6%


There's ass. Then there's Julie fucking Cash ASS. This ass has a zip code of its own! And yes its real! Today Julie stopped by for some strokes today. Specifically some Chris Strokes. Julie's been waiting to fuck Chris, or rather his huge cock, for many months. Come watch this ass fest and Chris does his "Black Out Girls" ski mask fetish he's been wanting to do for a long time. Julie's ass is so fucking huge that it makes Chris' 10" cock look small. God Bless Julie's Ass!

Starring: Julie Cash, Chris Strokes

Waiting For Cock

  • Added: 15th Dec 2013
  • Video Duration: 29:07
  • # of Photos: 307
  • Rating: 95.4%


Nikki stopped by for some strokes today. Specifically some Chris Strokes. Nikki's been waiting to fuck Chris, or rather his huge cock, for many months. So when Chris' pussy-hungry cock reaches that tight little pussy, stretching it out, you can see she thinks maybe its just a little too big for that tight Latin hole. But she doesn't mind when Chris rails her into a fucking puddle! ~TWM

Starring: Nikki Delano, Chris Strokes

Classic Ass

  • Added: 22nd Oct 2013
  • Video Duration: 22:52
  • # of Photos: 282
  • Rating: 93.2%


Alexa Jaymes arrived she kept talking about how nice it was outside and begging to go out by the pool. We told her it would take time to get all the gear moved and the the lights and all so it wasn't worth it, but then she said 'Get your gear and go outside, if you do I'll make sure this is the best performance of my whole porn career!' When a brunette as pretty as Alexa Jaymes makes a promise like that, you get your stuff and hustle! She held up her end of the bargain and every ass and facial fan who gets to see this is in for a very big treat! ~TWM

Starring: Alexa Jaymes, Chris Strokes

Anal Ride For Chris

  • Added: 15th Oct 2013
  • Video Duration: 30:49
  • # of Photos: 222
  • Rating: 95.2%


Sheena Ryder is on set today for! Sheena has a great ass. So Chris invited her over so he could stick his cock in it. Sheena also can deepthroat like a mother fucker. So much spit, deepthroating and ass...nice job Chris! Keep 'em coming Chris! ~TWM

Starring: Chris Strokes, Sheena Ryder

Dick Destroyed: Chris Strokes

  • Added: 27th Sep 2013
  • Video Duration: 35:27
  • # of Photos: 402
  • Rating: 86.8%


Gabriella, aka Gabi, Paltrova is on a mission. She is out to Destroy some Dicks! First on her list...Mr. Chris Strokes. So hold on to your hats guys. Gabi is ready to unleash some Gabi on you! Sit back and take it in and let us know if you think Gabi destroyed enough Strokes dick. She is ready to take on more! But it won't be just dick she will destroy. Pretty sure she's gonna bust out her chops on some nice ladies soon :) ~TWM

Starring: Gabriella Paltrova, Chris Strokes

Gia The Guida Gets Monkey Fucked By Chris

  • Added: 29th Mar 2013
  • Video Duration: 36:52
  • # of Photos: 776
  • Rating: 84.8%


One thing for sure about a're gonna get fucked. She's either going to grab you, fuck you and leave you with a beer in your hand and a smile, or...she will grab you, fuck you, probably slap you if you don't fuck her hard enough...then take your beer and slam it. Gia is a New Jersey guida with chops. And a ass for fucking. Not like Chris needed any help, but we thought we would see what happened when she got Fucked Like a Monkey with the MunkeyBarz. Sorry babe, you're not going anywhere. Chris takes control of that nice piece and gives it run. Gia shows off her sloppy, deep ball draining skills today too. Wow. All 9" right down that Italian throat. Chris must have saved up. He unloaded a massive cum blow that covered this little filly from head to toe. Now can you pass Chris that beer please. ~TWM Team

Starring: Chris Strokes, Gia Steel

Deepthroat Sirens Poster Child

  • Added: 1st Sep 2012
  • Video Duration: 30:43
  • # of Photos: 380
  • Rating: 89%


Angelina Valentine ain't the kind of girl you'd take home to meet mom. She looks like a total pornstar fuckslut -- huge tits, tattoos, and juicy DSLs. Angelina is a nymphomaniac freak who would probably be in sex rehab if she wasn't a pornstar. And we LOVE her! It's been a while since Angelina did her first Deepthroat Sirens scene. We lost track of her for a while and I'm sure she was off somewhere fucking her way across America...but now she's back and hornier than ever. Angelina loves guys with tattoos, so we found her one with a big dick and lots of ink. Angelina has won awards for her deepthroat and when you watch this video, you'll know why. She goes 'all in' from the tip to the scrote with one long swallow. Keep your cum rags close...Angelina is amazing.
Sucks & Giggles,

Starring: Angelina Valentine, Chris Strokes

Another Double-dicked Deepthroating

  • Added: 31st Jul 2012
  • Video Duration: 23:57
  • # of Photos: 210
  • Rating: 97.4%


This week is the return to the brutal, dominating blowjobs that DeepthroatSirens is known for...the kind that leave a girl with her face covered in spit and runny mascara. The last time Britney Stevens was here, she was so good at taking a throat pounding from one cock that we thought we'd bring her back and give her two. These dicks aren't just big, they're MASSIVE, pussy-tearing, throat-ripping MACHINES! We tied her hands behind her back and blindfolded her so that everything coming at her would be a total surprise. Britney couldn't see, but she could feel those cocks probing her throat and gagging her deep. Some girls you have to treat like a princess, but Britney Stevens you get to treat like a throat fuck whore!

Starring: Britney Stevens, Chris Strokes

Too Much Is Not Enough For Rebecca

  • Added: 15th Jul 2012
  • Video Duration: 36:32
  • # of Photos: 248
  • Rating: 92.8%


Rebecca Blue reminds me of one of our favorite Deepthroat Siren cocksuckers -- Missy Mae. I had to do a double take just to make sure it wasn't her. Same blonde hair, same petite body, same submissive way of opening up her throat and letting it get used like a fuck hole. Some girls are satisfied with one big cock pounding their throat, but a girl like Rebecca Blue needs two big cocks to get her throat-fucking fill. Rebecca goes from one stiff cock to another and swallows each one until she feels balls slapping against her chin. Two stiff dicks makes this a double good throat fuck session!
~TWM Team

Starring: Rebecca Blue, Chris Strokes

Slippery When Wet

  • Added: 4th Aug 2008
  • Video Duration: 23:07
  • # of Photos: 44
  • Rating: 96.6%


Scarlett Pain gave us a call to tell use she was going to be in town and asked if there was 'anything she could do for us.' When a redheaded nympho with nipple rings asks if there is *anything* she can do for you - the answer is always a big wet YES you can come over an clean my pool suck my cock and swallow some cum for BIG GULP GIRLS! This pool cleaner romance was all her idea, it seems Scarlett is hoping to do some directing in the near future and a gal who can suck cock from head to balls the way this deepthroat darling does it is sure to get the behind the camera position she is hoping for eventually. For now, Scarlett is more than happy to keep sucking dick and catching swallows on camera for your entertainment... ~SH

Starring: Scarlett Pain, Chris Strokes

Recent Comments


Scott, Jasmine Jae with Brad please!!

on Repeat Deepthroater

May 23, 2019 7:10 am


Wow, she is stunning. I love her eyes <3.

on Taste The Rainbow

May 23, 2019 5:27 am


LUNAR11 - You got it! ~SH

on Taste The Rainbow

May 22, 2019 5:51 pm


WIDEEYES - Oops! Great Catch! ~ xoxo, TWM BJ Queen

on Deepthroating Magician

May 21, 2019 10:35 pm


ME262APR - There is a good chance that we will have her back again! Thanks for the feeback. Keep the comments coming! ~ xoxo, TWM BJ Queen

on Taste The Rainbow

May 21, 2019 10:33 pm


ELASTICATED - Thank you! We are working hard here! Appreciate the feedback. ~ xoxo, TWM BJ Queen

on Taste The Rainbow

May 21, 2019 10:30 pm


MAXI39 We are working on Karma ~ xoxo, TWM BJ Queen

on Taste The Rainbow

May 21, 2019 10:29 pm


MAXI39, MRORAL0125, VAEVICTIS - Yes guys... Janey is a must to return for Deepthroat Sirens. Consider it done. ~ xoxo, TWM BJ Queen

on Janey Blow

May 21, 2019 10:28 pm


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